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Discover all the ways smart teams run with Abstra Cloud. Use real-life projects as templates to start building.

Sales ops

Templates to automate your company's sales. Build proposal generators, self-serve onboarding, calculators equipped with your own business logic and more.

Martin Diz

CEO & Founder

"It took me half an hour to go from local script sitting in my terminal to deployed admin panel my team can use to generate proposals.

Not only can they manage on their own, but the entire process is now automatic and mistake-proof."

Check out Martin's case study

Fintech operations

Get started on smart automation. Send emails straight from spreadsheets, generate batches of customized reports and build powerful integrations.

Munir Ferreira

Principal engineer

"Before Abstra our devs were stuck executing Python scripts, because we didn’t have the time to build and deploy an entire system for our Onboarding Operations team to use.

With Smart Forms we were able to go live 70% faster and give the Onboarding team full autonomy."

Check out a template from Martin's project ->

Customer support

Boost support's impact with automated workflows. Create self-serve portals, trigger actions from a form submission and integrate ticket management.

Lucimere Moura


"Abstra Cloud saved us 80% of time in building our automatic emailing process."

Check out a template from Martin's project ->

Finance teams

End spreadsheet chaos once and for all. Build beautiful portals to access your database, calculators equipped with your own business logic and report generators for real-time visibility.

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