Launch interactive Python scripts as beautiful form-like apps

Web UI being generated from python script

Finally, the Python power up you've been searching for.

Packaging Python scripts as apps for end users can be... stressful.


Medium articles have you learning entirely new frameworks and concepts. Like Flask. Or was it Django?


Youtube tkinter tutorials have you specifying literally. every. single. detail. Why is this so cumbersome?


Stack Overflow has you wondering if HTML, CSS and JS are really that hard, and then you can just deploy? Ha.

Welcome, friend. We built Pages for you.

How Pages work

From import to launch in two simple steps

Code your logic

Do everything you already use Python for. Import libs, get user inputs, run ifs and elses, build logic jumps, calculate answers, make requests, treat spreadsheets and export files, show graphs and tables... the list goes on.

Intentionally similar to command-line programs, Building Pages requires no abstractions like handling states or routes.

Share instantly with a public URL

When you feel ready to share your Page with someone, simply click the "share” button to copy a publicly accessible link.

Pages URLs never change once generated, so you'll never have to worry about outdated versions. Updates are reflected immediately.

Just kidding. That's it.

All Forms, no fluff

Forms is the fastest way to deploy your Python scripts to end users.

Define functions, get user inputs, make calculations or requests, display widgets and everything else you already love in Python. 
Not *HTML disguised as Python* Python. Just Python. As if it needed anything else anyway #justsayin

Power up with widgets

Our open-source Python GUI lib boasts an ever growing but already extensive list of interface-ready widgets. From simple text, number and date input types to display_iframe(), we've got you covered.

Check out the updated list of functions ->

Make default beautiful

Every Page is stunning-by-default.  Build beautiful Forms, even when you're not trying to.

Browse generated UI examples ->

Deploy with one click

Be launch ready from the get-go. Forms generates a shareable URL from the moment you start coding. Enable or disable public viewing, hit Share and send your Forms to who needs them. That's it. Seriously. Nothing else needed.

See how it works ->

Stay in control with Auth

Scripts can be sensitive. You might want to control who can do what with your Forms. Passwordless login authenticates your users with a single command get_user() enabling custom complex flows based on roles or profiles.

Collaborate seamlessly

Build alongside your fellow coders in a central Abstra Cloud Workspace. Easily access files, other scripts, sensitive environment variables or version-controlled packages (like libs) from any Form with a single line of code.

Use your own branding

Pimp out your Form with custom branding. Upload a logo, choose colors and make the look your own.
Great for lead generating forms, calculators, onboarding and other customer facing experiences.

See Forms in action

Imagine what you can build