November 2022 updates

Featured updates

  • Monthly recurrency option on billing; very useful when you have a predictable spending - choose this to get 20% more credits!
  • New widget: read_rating

  • Reactive pages: make your pages react live according to user input. This means widgets popping up, being removed or changing validation, without the need to switch pages.
  • Parameter invalid_email_message on read_email to customize the error message
  • Validate function: add custom logic to validate user input on any Page using any input widgets.
  • Run ID on error screen and Run History: we hope you never need this one but sometimes your form users might encounter a bug. If that happens, you can match the “Reference” shown to them to some run on your form's Run History tab and follow their answers to debug it.
  • Manage Hooks and Jobs via CLI (Forms was already there). Click here to see the full documentation.


  • Forms preview won’t restart automatically after editing the code
  • An empty path for a form is now valid, making the form the root of your workspace


  • PhoneInput mask not being correctly applied
  • Form title not being shown on page title
  • Job runs were taking at least two seconds to complete
  • Matplotlib not working correctly