The easiest ERP you’ll ever meet

What pops up in your head when you hear ERP? Expensive? Time-consuming? A ton of work?

We went for a different approach.

Using Abstra Cloud, building an ERP is as fast and straightforward as possible. Turn simple scripts into beautiful-by-default Pages and connect them to build your system.

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How fast can it get? One of our enterprise client’s team member was able to build a Page that consulted requested data and displayed it with authenticated access in under 2 hours and 15 lines of code. With record-breaking speed delivery, the app made hundreds of employees lives easier.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Abstra Cloud was incredibly helpful for solving pressing demands that required fast, high-quality solutions. With the tool, I was able to build efficient applications quickly, with just a few lines of code.”

Bruno B., analyst

Another benefit is you don’t have to migrate your whole operation. Abstra Cloud is built entirely on Python, so building is incredibly flexible. Using requests, you can pull and send data all around the web in a few lines of code. Connect to all your favorite services’ APIs such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipefy, Oracle, SAP, Netsuite and many more. Drop us a message in case you’d like any handy customized connections.

This flexibility also extends to usage. Besides custom branding options, you can use out-of-box authentication and access control to build according to company policy. And don’t worry - your data is 100% yours.

No paying for seats either. Every workspace has unlimited members for building and editing. You pay exactly for what you use, at only 1¢ per execution.

All building should be this easy.

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